Hello everyone! I created this blog as a sibling of my (precursor) Open USB FXS blog http://openusbfxs.wordpress.com/. The purpose of this blog is to document the process of getting through the design and build of a complementary device to Open USB FXS, this time called Open USB FXO. And, what else would this device be, if not a USB FXO interface?

As with its sibling FXS project, the newborn FXO design starts at a very early stage — nothing even close to a working prototype. In the next posts to come, Open USB FXO will materialize into a real circuit and start getting its share in pestering the world with the same childhood diseases — bad analog design, bad audio, etc. etc. — as its older FXS bro. Hopefully, all to be fixed in the end.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Alex M. F. Silva (@windolboy) Says:

    This project is Live?

    • Angelos Varvitsiotis Says:

      Hi Alex,

      The answer is practically no. It has been quite some time since I even checked for comments, and this explains the long time it took me to reply to your comment. The current status of the project is that my first and only prototype did not work at all – no USB connectivity, no signs of life. This means that I would have to debug the hardware, which is a long process, and requires a lab workbench, tools, and time – of which I currently possess none. My ex-lab is now packed in carton boxes and there’s no space to set it up again for the time. Sorry! I am looking for someone who would take over the hardware part. Would you be interested?



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